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This I Pray

I want to be unbusy. I am so tired of living “busy.” If I am busy though, I pray it is doing something that sets my soul on fire. There are so many people I love, people I want to see, things I want to do, stories I want to tell, books I want to read, songs I want...

Faith & Service

The Goodwill Jacket

This change is BIG! Movers are coming tomorrow to pick up my stuff as I change course yet again, moving my kids and I to the lovely North Carolina from the luscious City of New York. My heart is torn. I feel a Deja Vu. Eleven years and one month ago, I made the big...

Faith & Service, Priorities

Caring is a Brave Choice

It seems to me that sometimes when we lose someone we love, our sensitivity shoots up to the things we hear and these small comments or words can stay with us in a profound way. After my husband died, someone said “…he just genuinely cared for everybody around...

Faith & Service

Feeling God

There are times. Magical, mystical times. Inexplicable times. They come in and out of our day-to-day life like the wind, at no predictable time or frequency and definitely not through our own control. But when they come, we can feel it. We feel the presence of...

Nikola Rosa
Charlotte, NC

Nikola Rosa is an artistic rendering of the soul that has come to exist after rising from the ashes. Her thoughts are from Nancy Gass, and yet they are in some ways, a different person entirely. We all have hearts and souls that are a deep ocean of complexity and this dichotomy is no different.