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A Lifetime of Loss

Do not be dismayed when you have seemingly regressed with a life goal. We truly never go backwards despite how much it feels so. We carry every single accomplishment with us into our future battles as armor and tools that make us ever stronger than before....

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Attitude of Gratitude

I go to the track every day. When it is really cold, or when it is raining and I do not feel like getting wet, I go to the indoor track. Yes, I do know how lucky I am to have an indoor track at the local YMCA only a few miles from me.Yes, I do know how lucky I am...

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Dancing with Vulnerability

Why is it so hard for people (including myself) to dance in public? Dancing in front of others ranks right up there with public speaking in terms of common fears. If you are afraid to do this and have not read or watched videos of Brene Brown, I highly suggest...

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Nikola Rosa
Charlotte, NC

Nikola Rosa is an artistic rendering of the soul that has come to exist after rising from the ashes. Her thoughts are from Nancy Gass, and yet they are in some ways, a different person entirely. We all have hearts and souls that are a deep ocean of complexity and this dichotomy is no different.