When you have a craving, be it for a cookie or a cocktail, walk.

When you’re angry, be it at the world or yourself, walk.

When you’re disappointed, be it downtrodden from a bad day or because your dream has dashed away, walk.

When you’re frustrated, whether it’s trouble with friends or fighting with a foe, walk.

When you’re sad, walk.

When you’re happy, walk.

When you’re stressed out, be it from a singular struggle or a series of bothers you’re trying to juggle, walk.

When you want to cry, whether the tears flow or they stay inside, walk.

When your heart aches and healing is elusive, walk.

When you’re proud, put your shoes on and walk.

When you can’t have what you want, whether for now or for ever, walk.

When you’re bored, beat feet. Be a pedestrian; walk.

When you walk, breathe.

When you can’t breathe, walk.

Whether fast or slow, just walk.

Just walk.