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A Lifetime of Loss

Do not be dismayed when you have seemingly regressed with a life goal. We truly never go backwards despite how much it feels so. We carry every single accomplishment with us into our future battles as armor and tools that make us ever stronger than before....


The Truth About Sugar

Before you can change your behavior, you MUST change your belief. Here is the truth about sugar: Sugar causes: Weight gain Belly fat Breakouts Skin irritation Wrinkles Aging skin Tooth decay Hair loss Inflammation Headaches Anxiety Brain Fog Trouble sleeping...

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Days Go By

Songs remind me of life. Life reminds me of songs. Of course, that’s the point, right? That’s the power of music, or part of it anyway. Days Go By, a song by Dirty Vegas, is playing on a loop in my head. When it comes to personal development, the most important...

Nikola Rosa
Charlotte, NC

Nikola Rosa is an artistic rendering of the soul that has come to exist after rising from the ashes. Her thoughts are from Nancy Gass, and yet they are in some ways, a different person entirely. We all have hearts and souls that are a deep ocean of complexity and this dichotomy is no different.