I want to be unbusy. I am so tired of living “busy.” If I am busy though, I pray it is doing something that sets my soul on fire. There are so many people I love, people I want to see, things I want to do, stories I want to tell, books I want to read, songs I want to dance to, dreams I want to dream, places I want to go, hearts I want to help heal.

Spoiler alert: There will ALWAYS be more. It is okay to slow down. To stop. To breathe. It is the only way to take it all in. There is never enough time and yet there is all the time in the world. What??? I know. I feel you. I pray. I pray you become unbusy; or if you do not, I pray you are busy doing something that sets your soul on fire. Love. Help. Heal. Empower. Dream. Enjoy. Dance. Do not forget to dance.