“It is not what you do one day. It is what you do every day.”

This is so important. If it is what you ate today, missing the gym, missing your Bible reading, or whatever it may be that did not go according to your plan, gift yourself grace.

The variety and unpredictability of life is both a blessing and a challenge. We cannot control everything. We cannot guarantee our routine or our plans coming to fruition, but we make them anyway because that is how progress is made.

When you fall, get back up and remind yourself that you do not fall in that way every day so there is no need to dwell on it.

Whatever your goal, aim to take a small action in that direction each day and most days you will follow through and evolution will naturally occur.

On the other hand, if “what you do every day” is actually usually procrastination or inaction on a particular goal, then it is time to re-evaluate that goal and the plan you have chosen as the vehicle to get you there.

Otherwise, if you keep driving on that road, you may spend years spinning your wheels.

Wishing you forward momentum,

Nikola Rosa