Let’s talk truth. Demonizing any particular food or substance in our quest to lose weight or be healthy is not productive, balanced, or accurate. Nothing is universal in this area. Different foods affect people differently and different methods of getting and staying healthy work for different people.

Taking on the responsibility for my weight struggle instead of blaming sugar or anything else is empowering because it gives me power over the situation. If I had control when I was overweight, then I have the power to change it. I am not powerless over the problem or any particular substance.

However, it is also imperative that I face what is true for me because there are certain realities I know from my life and experience. The same is true for you. The truths may not be the same for you and I, but you have truths about your health and body too and as Kelly Coffey advises, listen to your body and do the right thing for you.

In my case, sugar is a PROBLEM. It is not to blame, but it is a chemical substance that affects me so significantly that avoiding it as much as possible is the best solution for my life and health. Sugar affects my weight, appetite, mood, depression, anxiety, energy, productivity, vitality, optimism, motivation, ambition, and so on. Sugar affects the brain in the same manner as cocaine, alcohol, and caffeine. It creates a pseudo sense of pleasure that is very powerful and once that chemical is in my system, it causes my body to want more to maintain that pleasure boost.

When my body is free of sugar, I feel strong and healthy. My energy nutrients are protein, fat and complex carbohydrates (minimal). I have learned that any more than two grams of sugar is enough to create a craving noticeable in my body. I do not live a completely sugar free lifestyle, obviously, as I have whole grains and do not believe in dieting, but I am always conscious around sugar of the impact it will have on my body and my day.

The less sugar I have, the more I live life fully, joyfully, powerfully and I can literally feel the freedom in my daily experience. I am not advocating everyone abstain from or have even very minimal sugar intake because I cannot speak for anyone else. What I can say is you know what is true for you. If you are affected by sugar like me and you are reading this, you probably know it in your gut. You don’t need me to tell you. If you have something sweet and you crave more or it affects your mood or energy, perhaps sugar free-dom may be the answer for you.

Cheers to a naturally sweet life,

Nikola Rosa

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