Talk about first world problems! Yet tell me I am wrong. With all the shopping options today from big box stores to online, we are overwhelmed with places for consumerism to flourish and fatigue to set in.

Between groceries, clothes, shoes, school supplies, school project and craft project supplies, medicines, vitamins, gifts, toiletries and so on, it seems we need to or somehow end up shopping Every. Single. Day. Not to mention holiday supplies and other random needs that always seem to pop up. When we try to consolidate and do one trip a week or get everything at a big box store, it seems to take all day or even if less, when we are done, we are thoroughly exhausted by it.

Part of the exhaustion comes from the oversaturation of advertising that surrounds us in stores and out. Another aspect is our attempt to be financially responsible. We are always looking for the best prices and with so many store options, that can be a time consuming and draining effort. In addition, the lowest price option really varies based on the product so you cannot just go to one store and get everything you need at the best price. As a result, part of our overwhelm stems from going to several different stores for different products or better prices.

Being more organized definitely helps with this situation. I was a lot more organized when my husband was alive. Since losing him, I have become quite scatterbrained. Yet even back then, I may have done it better, but it was definitely a task and a time-consuming part of life. As grateful as I am for our availability of resources, I hope we can find ways to manage this more efficiently so we can spend more time on things that bring us joy and peace. If you have any ideas or tips that work particularly well for you, please comment below this article to share. One thing I know for sure: The less I shop, the more peaceful I feel!

Wishing us all more peace,

Nikola Rosa