I love cookies. I would eat cookies every day if I could, but I do not like the way most cookies make me feel. They don’t do well for my blood sugar, energy level and when I have one, it usually makes me want another. So I decided to go to the drawing board myself. I like cookies, but I do not like flour and sugar. I also am not always in a position to bake them, but I know enough good ingredients I like that I knew something should be possible.

I put together what I had in the pantry and hoped for the best. As it turned out, they were delicious. I am not a chef, a baker, or anything even remotely along those lines, so do not expect too much. All I really am is opinionated! I am simply a girl who loves cookies and a girl who loves simple cookies. Due to my lack of qualifications in this regard (at the present time anyway), I do not intend to post recipes on this website. Alternatively, I will write about my ideas and share my ingredients and I encourage you to experiment yourself if you would like to do so.

I have temporarily named these cookies ABC Cookie Dough Balls due to lack of creativity. Ha! I am open to suggestions if you have any ideas for me. ABC stands for almond butter chocolate chunk. So, here are my ingredients. I use almond butter, brown rice syrup, chocolate chunks, chopped pecans, chopped walnuts, sliced almonds, sweetened shredded coconut, whole grain rolled oats, and a secret ingredient….shhhh…don’t tell anyone…Nuts-n-more high protein chocolate maple pretzel spread.

The quantities are variable. Just throw some of everything in a bowl, stir it up and add whatever is necessary until it looks good and tastes good. Form the dough balls, put them in a container and “bake” them in the fridge or freezer for about an hour (or more); then store them in the refrigerator. Please do not ask me for nutrition content. I have no idea. What I know is that I refuse to be on a diet because diets do not work. I look carefully at nutrition labels and ingredient lists of products when I am shopping because this is very important for healthy living.

However, when creating something myself, I know the ingredients I use are nutrient-dense and high quality. As a result, I do not worry about calories or numbers. I do need to be careful not to over indulge in treats like this, but in my experience, the things that cause that tendency for me are flour and sugar so not adding those ingredients to these cookies makes it far easier for me to moderate my consumption. These cookies are also very filling due to their protein and fat content so it makes me much less likely to want too many because they actually satisfy hunger.

As far as energy, these cookies are fully loaded for sure. This is a benefit of the fat and protein content. Fat yields energy of 9 calories per gram whereas protein and carbohydrates both yield 4 calories per gram. These cookies are dense in fat and protein so they absolutely give me enduring energy.

Three cheers for cookies that satisfy your sweet tooth and your hunger,

Nikola Rosa

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