Confidence, Eating, Energy & Stress

The Flying Blueberry Mojito

In my mocktail creation experimentation, I have been trying to create drinks that are not loaded with sugar. I love lime and mint, so a virgin mojito seemed the obvious choice. I love it! So here is my twist: Add blueberries for the wonderful health benefits and...

Confidence, Eating, Energy & Stress

Mocktails for Mommy

Have you ever thought your alcohol use might be a problem? Have you ever woke up feeling like a trainwreck and spent most of the day recovering because you had a few too many the night before? Have you ever done or said something you regret because you were under...

Eating, Energy & Stress, Exercise, Priorities

The Tomorrow Trap

Have you ever fallen into the tomorrow trap? The “tomorrow” that never comes? Tomorrow I will go to the gym. Tomorrow I will eat healthier. Tomorrow I will spend more time playing with my kids. Tomorrow I will stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, pray more, be more...


Super Coffee!

How about some chocolate-flavored coffee that is full of a superfood that fuels your body with micronutrient support and antioxidants? By the way, it is sugar-free and contains NO artificial flavors or sweeteners. I am talking about adding organic cacao powder to...

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Nikola Rosa
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Nikola Rosa is an artistic rendering of the soul that has come to exist after rising from the ashes. Her thoughts are from Nancy Gass, and yet they are in some ways, a different person entirely. We all have hearts and souls that are a deep ocean of complexity and this dichotomy is no different.