Multigrain does NOT equal whole grain. Multigrain can be whole grain, but not necessarily. This is a tricky truth used as a product labelling manipulation in our food industry today.

I used to eat these 100 calorie english muffins thinking because they were multigrain that they were good for me and low-caloric impact. The truth is that 100 is all too attractive to us nowadays and it is like a magic trick where your eyes are drawn one way to divert you from seeing how the trick is done. In this case, that 100 distracts us from the grain facts.

I could not figure out why it did not seem to make me feel fuller and why I was often tempted to eat more than one. Low and behold, it is not a whole grain product. On the contrary, for only 20 calories more, you can get 100% whole wheat english muffins in the same brand which pack a much more powerful punch in the energy and health department. The key is whole grains.

The protein and fiber are the backbone, but even this is confusing on nutrition labels. The multigrain english muffins have the same protein content and actually more fiber according to the label, but in looking at the ingredients, it is clear the balance comes through added fiber and grain content. The ingredients by law are listed in descending order by quantity. So the most important place to look for identifying the quality of a food product is the first three ingredients; those that make up the majority of the product.

The 100% whole wheat choice packs 25g of whole grains. If you give me grains that are not whole grains, it’s like giving me a car with no fuel. I won’t get anywhere. If you give me the whole wheat choice I just described, you have actually fulfilled my fiber intake needs for the entire day. As a result, I can choose no-grain options elsewhere and see more substantial benefits to my waistline.

With WHOLE grains,

Nikola Rosa

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