In my mocktail creation experimentation, I have been trying to create drinks that are not loaded with sugar. I love lime and mint, so a virgin mojito seemed the obvious choice. I love it! So here is my twist: Add blueberries for the wonderful health benefits and sugar-free red bull instead of club soda. The old “red bull gives you wings” tag line is what makes it a flying mojito. Please do not message me about the ways red bull is also not good for me. I am aware, but one vice at a time please 😊

If you want to try a flying blueberry mojito, start with an ounce of simple syrup and a little of the sugar-free red bull. Add some lime wedges, mint leaves, blueberries and muddle them in the syrup. Add a bit of lime juice, the rest of the sugar-free red bull, top it off with water and stir. You can stir in a few more blueberries if you want and garnish with a lime wedge and a pretty sprig of mint. The end result is a fun, pretty, relatively healthy drink that will leave you satisfied and happy. Muddle your mocktail, not your mind.

Happy drinking,

Nikola Rosa

P.S. If you are not aware of why this is alcohol-free, check out Mocktails for Mommy.

DISCLAIMER: As you can probably tell, I am NOT a bartender…