Here I was in early 2018, 50 pounds heavier than when I married my husband in 2011, but still 100 pounds lighter than before I had gastric bypass surgery in 2009. What was I going to do? I needed to find a way to lose the weight and get healthy without going on a diet. The temptation to diet though was intoxicating and ever-present.

December 2018 

I had started going to the gym and that was definitely helping me feel better. I started taking dance fitness classes which helped me in EVERY way. I had started a graduate degree in nutrition science and was learning more than ever about nutrition and healthy eating. Yet I only lost a few pounds. I was not making progress in line with the amount of effort I felt I was putting into the process. Then one fine day I was in a desperate google search trying to find out what I was missing and I found Kelly Coffey of; the creator of the Pleasure Principles. She got my attention. I could tell she knew something I was missing and I needed to know what it was and if it could help me.

It instantly hit me as I heard her free class explaining the concepts in her Pleasure Principles online course. It was as if she was related to my soul. She spoke to exactly what I struggled with, why, and how to change. She understood what I already knew to be true: Diets DO NOT work! She also knew what to do as an alternative. Wow, I was sold. Best thing EVER! If I had that course or understood those concepts ten years earlier, I could have avoided major surgery. The concepts took time to sink in and reflect in my lifestyle and physical appearance, but over time, the change has been substantial.

I finally lost the baby weight and grief weight. I have not dieted in the last year. I feel better and stronger than ever. My physical strength is far beyond what it ever was post-bypass. After surgery, I lost all that weight, but I did not get physically stronger and my cardio abilities were still pretty low. Now I have done a 50-floor stair climb, been doing dance fitness for well over a year; I am training to climb the Freedom Tower, the tallest building in the western hemisphere; as well as training for the NYC marathon. Pleasure Principles=Game Changer! Want to know more? Ask Kelly Coffey. No one says it better than her.

With pleasure,

Nikola Rosa

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