I am on a mission and I need your help! I am excited to have you write this one with me! In the midst of this unprecedented global crisis, I have, like all of us, felt anxious, challenged, frustrated, scared, and worried about my loved ones. I imagine all of us have people we love who’s well-being is under direct threat now because of this disease.

However, what I know for sure is worry is useful only for one thing: proactive measures. Hence, #stayhome. Beyond us making careful, safe, responsible, socially supportive decisions, our worry and fear about COVID-19 is not serving us. It is paralyzing us.

Our stress and frustration from the impact of this pandemic on our daily lives is bogging us down and causing our patience and fortitude to dwindle. And millions of people’s mental health is under attack from unending loneliness and isolation. Yet even now, even while people are suffering and dying every day, we have a choice.

We can choose to focus on something, ANYTHING positive in this time of crisis. Do not feel guilty being grateful for any silver linings. It does not mean you are glad it is happening or that you wouldn’t give anything for us to crush the coronavirus disease. It just means you are making a choice to control your focus and focus on what you can control: your attitude. Dr. Karl Menninger said, “Attitudes are more important than facts.”

Unfortunately, we often cannot change the facts. I could spend all day checking the stats on how many cases there are of COVID-19 or how many deaths there have been at this time. My checking that will not change anything. However, if I can change my attitude, I can change my world.

So here is the MISSION, if you choose to accept it: Comment on this article wherever you see it, via the post or if on the website, comment on the website, and write something, anything, that has stemmed from this crisis in which your life has been made better or you’ve experienced something positive. And listen: I KNOW you could list something negative, probably 20 things negative, some tragic and traumatic. Please reserve that for another time. I have things too. The intention with this though is to spread ONLY positivity.

I will start. I have had more down time with my kids. I have been running around less and feeling more peaceful about almost everything other than the crisis. Though I am making less money from work, I am also saving money because several things I would spend money on are not accessible to me now. Tonight, my kids and I made brownies. We do not usually have time on weeknights to bake together. They were delicious!

Your turn.

Let’s make a global string of positivity light years long.

With love,

Nikola Rosa

P.S. Please share to help this silver lining string grow!