You see, all these years post-loss,
I have been hammering pieces and parts.
Building the home all this time,
Even though I had not recognized it at all.

Nine years a widow,
“Homeless” because his heart was my home.
But I was never meant to take up residence there,
He was only with me on loan.

Before him I was homeless too,
Traveling the world in adventure and civil service,
All the while I never knew.

It was I who abandoned myself long before;
When just a small child, I ran away.
I burned down that house and hid in the dark;
That lost little girl didn’t know what to do or say.

She ran and ran until her dreams and feet took flight,
She fell in love and for once her heart was light.

When his heart stopped beating,
On that treacherous day,
The light in the home went out,
Her whole world turned dark and grey.

Homelessness once again took her on an epic journey,
She cried and cried, lonely and afraid.
She raised kids and read stories;
She dreamed and developed and kept on;
All the while searching,
Through places and people,
And scripture and signs,
And music and memories,
She was building the house all that time.

Full circle some might say,
From that scared little girl,
On a journey of adventures;
Love found and love lost,
She finally learned the home was inside her all along.

She picked up her power and used it once more,
She lit a torch with it so she could examine
The remains of the house she had burned before.
The girl knew it was there that her new home would rise;
This one would be strong and tall and touch the sky.

What God meant for her was a home sturdy and true.
She felt safe because she made it safe.
She felt loved because she used a generator
To fill the house with the light of God,
Through his unfailing love and power.

She now had the forever home,
Where God always meant for her to be.
After all this time she could see the blueprints,
She held the key.
That little girl would be homeless no more,
She now had a place from which she could soar.