Are your feet aching? Are you feeling completely DONE at the end of the day? As a field agent for the United States Government, a day of fieldwork meant an evening of weary feet. This was especially the case when I struggled with obesity. As a civil investigator doing national security work (not chasing criminals), I was able to do my job very well despite my weight. It was not easy though, especially on rainy days in Manhattan when I slogged through the muck and completed a truckload of soggy interviews.

When you have a “weary feet” day, enjoy the empowerment of all you accomplished. Embrace the pain. It is all about perspective. Then aim to offset it by taking it a little easier the next day. If you cannot take it easier, add in some form of self-care, be it a pedicure when you can fit it in or giving yourself a five minute foot massage. At the end of that day, enjoy the comfort of your rested feet. Self-care and balance are the solutions.

With accomplishment and comfort,

Nikola Rosa