“Today is a limited edition. Only good for 24 hours. Get it while it lasts.” I saw this on a birthday card today and of course it caught my eye. I did marathon training today at the gym. I set a new record for myself. It was not much, but for me it was unprecedented and I left feeling on top of the world.

Then the kids and I spent the afternoon together. We went to a trampoline arena and jumped for over an hour and then had lunch at home. I faced my fear of heights at the trampoline arena doing the trapeze swing twice. It felt great to face a fear and when I did things that scared me and my fear got me hung up, some kids laughed at me and I actually laughed at myself. It was a really free, happy feeling. The weather has been beautiful today.

Thank God for summer break and thank God I am able to enjoy it with my kids this year. They are six and seven years old and they help me enjoy life so much more than I ever could on my own. They are helping me to slow down and be more present, which is a present I would never be able to gift myself alone. Some days I am in a better mood than others, some days more productive, but the most important thing to remember is that today will never come again. It is “the present.” I want to unwrap it and enjoy it before it disappears into history.

With the joy in today,

Nikola Rosa