In preparation for attempting the Rugged Maniac next week, a 25-obstacle 5K course, I have a very complex training plan! My plan is eat less “junk food,” and move more! That’s it. The KISS (keep it simple stupid) method of operation. This plan is the best for me because I know that the more arduous, rigid, or complicated I make my plan of action, the less likely I am to stick to it. There are too many variables in life every day to plan things so specifically in advance which is part of the reason diets do not work.

Part of my goal with eating less junk food is to hopefully lose a few pounds because I want to reduce how much I have to carry and lift throughout the course. I have to continue to fuel my days though with protein to keep my metabolism running strong.

As far as movement, moving more makes ANYTHING an accomplishment. It could be parking as far away from the store as possible to walk a bit more, taking an extra flight of stairs, playing more intensely with the kids at the park and so on. In addition, I am trying to swim every day possible between now and the event. I am adding in as much strength training as possible while still allowing recovery time.

I also hope to go back to the obstacle course facility to practice them more, but that will only work if I can find a babysitter which is always a challenge. That is an example of why committing to do something so specific is setting myself up for failure. If I cannot find a babysitter, I cannot go during their available hours and I should not feel like I failed to maintain my commitment for something that was beyond my control. In any plan, but particularly nutrition and exercise plans, flexibility, grace and compassion are key. We do the best that we can.

Trying my best,

Nikola Rosa