Tomorrow is the big day in which I will participate in the Rugged Maniac obstacle course race in North Carolina at 1pm Eastern Standard Time. It is funny how time goes. It seems some days will never come and then inevitably, one day we are here. Today has been a day of rest which has helped a lot. I did go with my kids and friend to a trampoline arena where I again felt that pain in my anterior of my upper leg. I am so frustrated because I have been so careful with everything. I took it easy at the trampoline arena and hope tomorrow will be better.

Tonight I introduce my partner in crime for this event, my friend Brandon, who I am honored will be doing this race with me. Brandon is a great friend from South Carolina who is full of a sense of adventure and yet has never done an event like this before. Brandon has done all kinds of crazy and exciting things, including camping out in Central Park. He is a native of Florida and I am so grateful for his support tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day. No matter what happens, I am full of hope and joy at this opportunity to do something that makes me feel so alive. I want to thank you all who have followed along in this journey with me for your support, love, prayers, and kindness. It is an honor. I will post an after action report on this event so stay tuned!

With gratitude,

Nikola Rosa