Less than two days left to the race! Oh man, words cannot express the rate at which my anxiety level is rising. Today is a progress report. I have done everything I can to prepare for the Rugged Maniac. I have my gear, I have a babysitter, I worked out as much as I could while remaining conservative to prevent injury and I have eaten as healthy as I could manage while not on a diet. I have dropped a couple pounds which is a couple pounds less to carry.

I have not meditated nearly enough considering the level of fear I am facing in this event. I will work on that between now and Saturday. I have plans to rest tomorrow with my workout this morning being the last big one before the event. I have not injured myself, but I have a bit of pain in my right quadricep and my right Achilles tendon and foot. Let’s hope resting tonight and tomorrow will alleviate that. Otherwise I am feeling pretty good.

I feel as strong as ever, which is not saying much, but Jerry would be very proud of me. Working out this morning, all I could think was I wish he was here to get to know this version of me. It would be so exciting, like him meeting a new person. I have changed and grown so much since losing him. It breaks my heart that he does not get to experience this me here on Earth. And I him. Nonetheless, he is watching me from above and I am excited to do these things to show him what I am made of and how much I love him.

With ruggedly enduring love,

Nikola Rosa