My history with dieting is very full. I switched diets at a rate and rhythm reminiscent of the “bend and snap” made famous in Legally Blonde. I am, in fact, legally blonde…that is, according to my driver’s license! Not that I have ever done the “bend and snap” to attract a man’s attention. That would be completely ridiculous…anyway…

I switched from one diet to the next like that move. The bend referring to me bending my life and wrapping it around the chains of deprivation, difficulty, boredom and restriction that is dieting; and then the snap referring to me snapping out of that misery realizing life is far too short to have a diet always rock on center stage.

I do not like that music. Of course, this move would be full circle before much headway was ever made and my desire for weight loss was never thwarted which logically led to the next diet. It would be something different. It would be something that would somehow seem better.

Unfortunately, the truth is no matter how you dress it up, a diet is a diet. It might as well stand for die today. Die to the freedom of living for simple joy and presence in this moment. It means giving up this moment in the vain hope that the moments to come when I have lost 50 pounds will be so much better that they will be worth the sacrifice.

Stop it. Stop sacrificing NOW for a false future. Embrace the now and the real future will be so much better. In. Every. Way.

Enjoying now and the future,

Nikola Rosa