We all have things we want out of life; things we want to do, places we want to see, people we want to be…Yet if you looked at the majority of people’s timeline to get “there”, the common term would be “someday.” The problem with “someday” is that it never comes. It is incessantly being replaced by today, and today there is always something getting in the way…current events. Since life doesn’t freeze in time for us to gain traction or get ahead of the curve, if we wait until someday, we will never, through our own will, get past the dream stage of our goals.

So how do we make all our dreams come true? One small action at a time. Start with just one, right now. It should be something simple and possible without you having to change course for your whole day. Then identify the next step and set a tight deadline. Write it down. It does not matter where we come from, what our circumstances are, or what has happened to us. We are in the driver’s seat of our “dream car” so to speak. Change gears, get out of park, and put it in drive. If you are moving forward, it is only inevitable that you will get there. It is just a matter of time.

With dreams, drive and time,

Nikola Rosa