In recent years, juicing has become trendy and juice fasting seems all the rage. I have come to LOVE juicing to supplement my micronutrient intake and highly recommend it. However, I would argue that juice fasting can be dangerous and is really unnecessary. It is important to have realistic goals and remember why we are chasing them when we take actions such as juicing for improved health. Juicing is not meant to be a solution in a vacuum for weight loss. However, juicing is absolutely one step in the right direction for health improvement, wellness, increased energy, and definitely promotes weight loss.

Check out if you would like to know some great examples of why juicing can be dangerous. The micronutrients you get from juice are essential and healthy, but if you get too high of quantities, they can do more harm than good and the impact can even be lethal.

Other reasons we should not substitute our meals with juice include the low protein and low fiber content. We need protein and fiber for a reason. Removing or minimizing these so much is not productive or beneficial. Juicing is a great way to enhance micronutrient intake, vitamins and minerals, while being low in calories so it is not necessary to give up a real meal to add juice. The added calories of a juice will not add to your waistline.

On the contrary, getting ideal levels of vitamins and minerals may increase your likelihood of feeling satisfied which will probably reduce your appetite. When you are lacking essential nutrients, it is believed that your body sends hunger signals as a natural way to motivate you to get them. If you respond to those hunger signals by eating foods that lack essential nutrients, your body may remain unsatisfied and continue to feel hungry. For more information on how nutrient deficiencies may contribute to overeating, check out

The bottom line is that juicing is a great way to enhance your nutrient intake and overall health, but like everything, too much of anything can be a bad thing. In the last year, I have supplemented with juice and improved my health ten-fold. However, I have not juice fasted at all. I do not intend to because I want to “have my cake and eat it too” so to speak. I want the protein and fiber content of my regular meals and my micronutrient benefits of juice. My favorite juice: Cucumber, spinach, kale, lemon and echinacea.

Wishing you the happiness of health,

Nikola Rosa

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