Join my fight. Wage war with me on diets one day at a time. Diets are destroying our joy, freedom, livelihood, and productivity like a pandemic. The resolution is simple. We have to abstain from going on a diet. Fight the temptation. I dare you!

In 2013, a research firm called Marketdata concluded that Americans spend over $60 BILLION dollars annually on all things weight loss, including gym memberships and drinking diet soda. The estimated cost of this industry in 2017 was $68 billion dollars, with an expectation it would continue to rise. That unbelievable number in 2013 and significant growth since is an indicator of something. We have a problem. Diets are the problem.

The sad truth is that the people who diets work for do not actually need a diet. They just need education on healthy eating, moderate exercise, reading product labels, nutrition guidelines, and so on. For the rest of us, lack of information is not the problem. As a result, it cannot be the solution. Instead, I dare you to flip the script and do not diet. Do not deprive yourself. Do not count calories. Live free and lose weight.

With freedom,

Nikola Rosa