Where other attempts at self-improvement may fail you, consistent self-care never will. The benefits are HUGE. The cost: Time and effort. The reality we know is that anything worth having takes time and energy. Why is it so hard for us to consistently make self-care a priority?

It comes down to the fact that it is so much easier to let ourselves down than to let others down. It hurts less. We will do things for others; go the extra mile for others, much more eagerly than we will for ourselves. This is because we are wired for relationship. Our basic humanity gives us the instinct to do for others and be of service to others. Our selves though? Well, we figure they can wait. We put ourselves last. Clichés notwithstanding, we can do so much better if we make self-care a priority.

It makes EVERY other aspect of our lives better, whether it seems intertwined with other things or not. Exercise for example: “Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.” When we start an exercise regimen, we often start because we want to lose weight or look different or build muscle. Those reasons have their own validity, sure, but ultimately, exercising does so much more than that. Try it for a month consistently and you will be shocked how much more it does for your mental health, energy level and outlook than it does for your body. Then what it does for your body feels like a bonus!

Every time I start to let other life things get in the way of my self-care, exercise or otherwise, my life starts to crumble. My emotional endurance and positive outlook start to wane, and my stress level skyrockets. We NEED self-care. Self-care will change your life. This may be exercise, creating blank space in your schedule, mindfulness, therapy, skincare, giving yourself time to pursue hobbies, and more. There are so many facets of self-care. Pick one and let’s begin!

Wishing you daily self-care,

Nikola Rosa