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This I Pray

I want to be unbusy. I am so tired of living “busy.” If I am busy though, I pray it is doing something that sets my soul on fire. There are so many people I love, people I want to see, things I want to do, stories I want to tell, books I want to read, songs I want...


The Life in your Years

We should not “what if” things, they say. I have been thinking though, what if you looked at your life in the schematic of annual one-liners?! What would it look like? Would there be something significant to highlight from each year that made the daily grind...

Nikola Rosa
Charlotte, NC

Nikola Rosa is an artistic rendering of the soul that has come to exist after rising from the ashes. Her thoughts are from Nancy Gass, and yet they are in some ways, a different person entirely. We all have hearts and souls that are a deep ocean of complexity and this dichotomy is no different.