If you did not win the giveaway today @empoweredbynikola on Facebook, do not be discouraged. I LOVE giveaways for a few reasons:

They remind us of our inner hope which can be reflected onto any other aspect of our life. Hope can breed passion and passion can fuel ambition. These are all interconnected pieces of our empowered human spirit.

Giveaways remind me a little of that innocent, excited feeling we walked around with during childhood; that “anything is possible” charisma. They also remind me that you have to be in it to win it. I am not encouraging playing the lottery; that is a whole different discussion. Often though, giveaways actually have very good odds. The chief reason is so few people enter because they think they will never win.

The funny thing is, that is part of the reason I love doing giveaways. I love seeing or hearing someone’s surprise and joy when they find out they actually won! “I never win,” they often remark. It can feel that way a lot in life, giveaways and otherwise. These little contests are a reminder that people DO win, you CAN win, “for real life” as my six-year-old would say. Dream it, believe it and you can achieve it. You will not win them all, but you CAN win; and most of all, never give up!

With never ending hope,

Nikola Rosa