Yes, it is true. There is one thing. It is not some strange superfood that you can barely choke down. It is not something you have to force yourself to eat. It is not something expensive or hard to find in stores. It is readily accessible and comes with so much variety, everyone can find something of it that suits their tastes.

What am I referring to? PROTEIN! Forget all the nutrition labels, long nutrition science explanations and findings; keep it simple. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat protein. You do not need to eliminate carbohydrates completely. You do not need to eat gallons of fat. You do not need to add expensive superfoods to your regimen. You do not need to count macros. You just need to eat protein and you need it regularly, as in every three to four hours. You need to stop skipping meals. It really is that simple.

Here is my experience. I actually began a master’s degree in nutrition science, learned so much, started eating healthier than ever, exercised regularly more than ever before, and I was not seeing results. I was feeling healthier, but I was not losing weight. I talked to a nutrition counselor and she said, “You need to eat more protein. You need protein regularly to fuel your metabolism. You are going to lose weight. Count on it.” She was right. After that, I went on to lose 40 pounds in less than a year. The only change: More protein. It’s not complicated.

It does not matter if you choose lean meats, nuts, protein shakes, protein bars, eggs, or whatever other protein source you like, it works. If you add protein, you will subtract pounds. It is that simple.

Wishing you sustained energy to fuel your goals,

Nikola Rosa

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