The focus should be less about what we cut out of our daily nutrition intake and more about what we add in. Instead of worrying so much about trying to cut out soda, sugary coffee drinks and sweet cocktails, try to focus only on adding in the one power drink that will be your game changer.

Believe it or not, it is the most readily accessible in the western world, low cost and very simple: WATER. Take a break from trying to abstain from everything else. Also, take a break from adding in artificial sweeteners and get over the lack of flavor. Water is the single most powerful source of hydration and energy available to humans. It is a source that can make us feel like we have a super power. Don’t worry about counting ounces or glasses. Do not pigeon hole yourself into drinking at exact times. Life is unpredictable.

Just drink water. Right. Now. Drink more every chance you get. Whether it is one or two ounces or a whole glass. If you add water, you will subtract pounds. It is that simple.

Hydrating happily,

Nikola Rosa

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