Why always be positive?! It’s like this phrase I have heard and taught my kids, “unkind words are not welcome here.” Same concept, different topic…Sure, negative thoughts and feelings come into my head every day, but I have a choice whether or not I give them a voice. In my opinion they don’t need a voice. They do enough damage quietly in my mind. Why should I give them more power over me by speaking them into existence?! They are not from God. They are not the fruit of the spirit. They’re not welcome here. It’s okay to vent when we need to, we all need to get it out sometimes, but as a habit it’s not helpful for me. No matter what has happened, the glass CAN be half full…if you so choose. It’s all about the P2C, another concept my kiddos are learning, this one from a book, we always have the POWER 2 CHOOSE. Choose wisely. Time is a gift. Don’t poison the time you have with negative emotions, life is hard enough all on its own. Make it good.