When you lose someone you love so intimately, like a spouse, it is like catching a virus: the grief virus. The grief virus infects every area of your life: your social life, your romantic life, your financial life, your parenting life, and so on. There is nothing that does not feel “ill” in the wake of traumatic grief.

There is no cure for the grief virus. Once you have it, it stays in your system forever. However, there are treatment plans that help with the symptoms. Like a piece of technology that we have to turn off and restart, grief often requires a hard refresh. It is like a forced shutdown of your computer. When the system comes back online, it is in basic mode, waiting to be customized again from the ground up.

The silver lining of a hard refresh is that you get a chance to start anew. You can customize yourself and your life in a whole new way. A lot of people want to change themselves or their lives, but forcing themselves to jump out of their comfort zone is often more than they can manage on their own. Traumatic grief though, on the contrary…well, let’s just say it tips you over and dumps you out of your comfort zone. You have no choice, but to take action. When you take action, you see the possibilities that lay before you. A whole world of possibilities.

With hopes and dreams,

Nikola Rosa