Wash the dishes slowly darling.

Fold the clothes slowly.

Vacuum slowly and sweep slowly and take care of the pets slowly.

We rush.

We rush because we are busy.

We rush because we are bored.

We rush because it is mundane.

We rush because our mind has moved onto the next thing,

Our bodies aching to catch up.

Yet we never can keep up, can we?

There is always more.

It feels like a race.

But what for?

What if it does not have to be?

What if we go slowly, could we be free?

Free of the race, free of the stress, free of the mess.

Go slowly darling.

Find the joy.

Let it be.

Don’t miss it.

The joy is there. In all of it.

Go slow enough to feel it.

Blink and you might miss it.

Go slowly darling.


Be where you are.