The phone rang…it was a friend of mine. You would probably call him an acquaintance because I have only seen him in professional situations. I have not spent time at his house with his family, nor him with mine. Yet by virtue of the conversations we have had on occasion, and our common values, I would call him a friend.

It was the middle of the workday for both of us and we are overwhelmed with our to do lists like the rest of the Western world. Yet he called out of the blue to tell me some good news. This news had NOTHING to do with me and no impact on my life in any way. This news was not really exactly his news either. Rather, it was good news of someone he loved. He was elated about it and happy to share it with me. The conversation only lasted maybe two minutes, but it made my day. I was honored to be only the 4th person in his world to know the news (which includes him and the person who told him), which will be a surprise to the one it is really about who will find out soon.

In this world it is so easy to get caught up in our day, so much to do, so little time to say, easy to scroll social media, hard to pick up the phone, and yet when the day is done, I will be grateful I heard the news.

With good news and good vibes,

Nikola Rosa