Starting something new can be so freaking intimidating!!! It really is and it does not seem to matter what it is; those feelings of insecurity and self-doubt are there just the same. The fear that comes with starting something new is overwhelming enough for the majority of people to not ever even try “the thing,” whatever “the thing” may be in their life. For those that do venture into the unknown and try new things, they are the brave few and they should be revered for their courage.

Even then though, once we take the leap and try something new, most of us fumble at it in the beginning. I have fumbled with EVERYTHING I have ever done. Nothing came naturally, nothing worked before I practiced it, and not one time did I KNOW from the start that “the thing” I was attempting would turn out to be a good idea for me and my life. Whether it was big or small, the new intimidated me in such a powerful way. It was ALMOST enough to get me to give up; but not quite.

I felt naked as I began doing that which I had no experience, whether it was playing the piano, or speaking in public, or working my Mary Kay business. I had very little confidence in my ability to thrive at these things, not because they were unusually challenging, but simply because they were new and that made them uncomfortable. There is a time period whenever we start something new, typically somewhere between a few days and a few months, where we feel like we are fumbling in an unknown body of water. We are not sure if we will sink or swim.

The key to success is not luck or talent or even swimming harder. Trying harder is a very common and yet, often deadly tactic when it comes to new endeavors. The key to success is to keep treading water. If we just keep treading water, it is actually very difficult to sink, metaphorically speaking. You almost have to intentionally sabotage yourself. That sounds ridiculous, but self-sabotage is actually very common. Why?

It feels easier to accept failure and give up than it does to keep treading water. If you just keep going though and push through that fumbling stage, that is where the magic happens! The risk of giving up too soon is tragic because it is the risk of never experiencing the magic. The magic, my friends…THAT is some powerful stuff.

When you are fumbling around doing something new, that key of continuing to “tread water” reminds me of that old adage about how you have to keep moving to ride a bike. Just do not stop. Just do not quit. On the other side of your fumbling is greatness-in-waiting. My best life moments did not happen when I was comfortable. My best life moments are the moments where I dared to step out of my comfort zone. You will recognize them by how they make you feel. They will make you feel very, very alive.

Daring through insecurity,

Nikola Rosa