I read this book about a year ago that changed my life. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. It is so practical and so easy to apply the concepts and ideas. It really is about moderation. It really is a powerful way to make progress…on virtually any goal.

If I wanted to lose weight or get stronger, I was to incorporate a small change like going for a walk every day, or something equally non-difficult and let the progress grow organically in my life. I think it was Jay Shetty who said, “Take a small change and make it a big priority.” It is such wise advice.

I was thinking of this recently as I began my Christmas cards for this season. I applied the slight edge to this task the first time last year. Instead of the overwhelming feeling of having to write a hundred Christmas cards, I simply do five cards each morning. It made the task feel so much less overwhelming and I was encouraged to start sooner.

Jeff Olson encourages his readers to read ten pages of a good personal development book every day. When I first read his advice, I did not think much of it. Once I started living it though, I realized how powerful it was and it became a priority. Reading ten pages each morning, just ten, and stopping there, has allowed me to make so much progress in my life and add peace and a feeling of accomplishment to each day. It is like the concept of making your bed every morning…on steroids. It really does work!

I read somewhere with cleaning that people who are really good at keeping a clean home live in a state of “constant low-grade tidying.” I applied this in the same fashion and low and behold, it has given me peace in that area of my life as well. Just picking up after myself and my kids, when made a habit, takes almost no time. It prevents the house from ever getting to the state of chaos that has in the past made me feel like I was losing my mind…as a young mother, drowning in piles of socks and toys.

If you struggle with overwhelm in these areas of life, consider The Slight Edge.

May you have a newfound sense of peace this holiday season!

Nikola Rosa

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