I did not come up with this advice, but I am so grateful for it. Sometimes things seem so low, we feel so down that we just do not even know what to pray for. It is then that we can pray for prayers. “God please pray for me” and he will. He is in the prayer answering business and after all, who would be more likely to pray for the best answer than the one who knows all?! Remember, we are never too far from him and we are NEVER beyond redemption. We all make mistakes. We all try. Life is complicated.

Pray for prayers and then keep your ear to the ground. Sometimes the answers to our prayers come when we least expect them or they look completely different than we imagined in our heads. The answers are there. God is good. All. The. Time. Until you see the answer, just keep going. Do not give up. Just keep on keeping on. I know you can do it. One moment at a time. Do not worry about what is ahead. Just do now. The future will take care of itself.

With prayers for prayers,

Nikola Rosa