There are times. Magical, mystical times. Inexplicable times. They come in and out of our day-to-day life like the wind, at no predictable time or frequency and definitely not through our own control. But when they come, we can feel it. We feel the presence of something greater than ourselves. We feel God.

It is not the same experience for everyone or every time for one particular person so it seems very supernatural, almost like we are crazy. We feel it, we know it, but we question it. We question it until we have gone through something that causes such a great shift in our life presence that we are different; or in some cases, until we have experienced enough of these moments that we just know and accept it. The presence of God in our daily life.

We apply all these human concepts to our relationship with Him that just do not fit God. For example, we think, “I have sinned too greatly for him to be working so generously in my life.” Also, we resist because of the responsibility that comes with acceptance. The responsibility to keep showing up, let him lead the way and continue being vulnerable. Vulnerability is so unbelievably hard. It might just be the thing we suck most at in our world today.

We have so many ways to say no to vulnerability. Avoidance, distraction and denial are readily available. Yet the synchronicities we see all too often are so powerful they can take our breath away. These are the handiwork of the Holy Spirit. It’s so fun. It lights up the pleasure center of our brain like a drug. That connection with God. We are meant for that to be the best feeling in the world. We were wired for connection to Him. These moments feel like the intersection of our intuition, His presence, and the heartbeat of our life.

I’m feeling it,

Nikola Rosa