What does the perfect man look like? It is not about his eyes, though they are dreamy. It is not about his height, though I love the way when I stand against him he feels like a wall as I look up at him, stable and strong. It is not his hair, though my fingers long to run through it. It is not his brains, though his smarts make our conversations really satisfying. It is not even his smile, though it lights up my heart.

No, those things do not make the perfect man. The perfect man is perfect because he loves you unconditionally. He is the one that cheers for you when no one else will. He is the one who believes in you with all his heart. He is the one who never puts you down. He can constructively criticize you in a way that helps you grow without hurting your precious heart. The perfect man loves you in a way so deep that it knocks you down like a hurricane. The perfect man: he won’t let you go.

The perfect man is not “perfect.” The perfect man is perfect FOR YOU. He makes you the best version of yourself and enables you to do the same for him. The perfect man just loves you. His love for you is irresistible. You can feel it.

With the perfect man in my heart,

Nikola Rosa