He fit.

He was the first puzzle piece that slipped into her life and fell right in place.

It happened so unexpectedly.

She could still hardly believe it.

He had been there all along. How had she not noticed?!

He was so smart.

She always knew she had to be with someone smarter than her.

It was no competition being with him.

On the contrary, it was an honor.

He was humble and kind.

He was a hero. Deployed nine times. A warrior.

He was war and she was peace.

He had enough of that life. He was ready for peace.

There she was.

He was mischievous though.

She needed some mischief in her life.

After all those years of surviving traumatic loss.

They made each other smile.

Trust was an unspoken agreement.

He knew, for the first time, he had found a woman he could trust.

She knew he offered the same in return.

He wanted to provide for her.

He wanted to protect her.

She told him, “you love me.”

He said, “I believe I do.”

She said, “me too.”

Put God first and watch your life be transformed.

God’s got this. God’s got them.

It was a relationship of three strands: God, him and her.

She smiled.

He fit.