If I should die before I wake, teach my kids that a house is not a home;
Even another person or relationship is not “home.”
People are gifts merely on loan to us, not things we can own.

Teach my kids to make a home for themselves within themselves;
That which endures forever as it cannot be taken away,
Neither moths nor rust decay,
It will go with them to Heaven one day.

It is built in foundation by the power of the Holy Spirit,
Which we know is here to stay.
The foundation is solid; holding emotional and physical safety,
And unshakable faith, hope and love will light their way.

At home there is no shame, no judgement, no guilt, manipulation, masks, façade, makeup,
No comparisons, neglect, loss, or pain.
Home is full of grace, empathy, compassion, abundance, care, love, acceptance and trust.
As the Bible says, to live is Christ, to die is gain.

Home is a place where I do not have to “do.”
Instead, my responsibility is to “be.”
That is, to be true to me, and
Apart from that, to just let it be.

Home does not require any specific circumstance,
Or job, or man, or any things to own.
Home does not require any land,
Yet it is a place where love is sewn.

Home is not where the heart is,
But it is in the heart where you build your home.

Built on divine grace,
With brick by brick of faith, and loyalty to my soul,
God’s love showers strength throughout the place.
God’s love makes me whole.

God’s love lit a flame that illuminated the dark,
And helped me find my way back home.

Teach my kids to follow their hearts,
Help them find their way back home.
Teach my kids to build and to sew,
Help them leave a trail of love wherever they may go.